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Use the resources below and click the Login button to access HireJayhawks or go mobile by downloading the app! Log in using your KU online ID and password.

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HireJayhawks for Students

Login to HireJayhawks to access the following student services:

  • Update your account profile
  • Search for jobs or internship positions
  • View and register for events
  • Search or signup for On-Campus interviews
  • Use the Mock Interview Tool
  • Upload a resume or cover letter
  • Update your privacy settings


The Symplicity Jobs and Careers app empowers you to discover new job opportunities, register for recruiting events and access your core career services offerings right in the palm of your hand.


Current students and recent graduates, you should be able to log in to HireJayhawks com using your KU online ID and password--the same credentials you use to log in to Blackboard, Enroll & Pay, etc. If you do not have a KU online ID and password but do have a HireJayhawks.com username and password, you may log in using the Alumni and Other User login.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact your career services office. See below for their contact information.

All on-campus positions are listed on the KU Employment site.

Students other than those in the School of Engineering have access to HireJayhawks as soon as they have a KU online ID and password, and their account remains active for free up through six months after they graduate. Alumni wanting access beyond six months after graduation will need to pay a $40 annual fee for reactivation.

Students in the School of Engineering, HireJayhawks.com is available to you as soon as you are issued a KU online ID as well. You can continue to use HireJayhawks.com and other Engineering Career Center services as an alumni for no charge. Simply contact the ECC at ecc@ku.edu to update your email address and notification preferences.

All KU students have a HireJayhawks.com account. To activate your account, log in and complete all required fields your your account profile.

You are responsible for maintaining accurate account information, as this information will not automatically be transferred from other university systems.

You will need to complete the personal, academic and privacy information in the Update My Account section in the left navigation menu. Please note – This is NOT the Update My Profile section. Required information is notated by a red asterisk. For work authorization, U.S. Citizens should select “Legally eligible to work” AND “U.S. Citizen.” Each page asks you to click Save or Next; by clicking Next, your information will be automatically saved.

You may choose to change your settings to receive emails under the Update My Account (in the left navigation menu), Privacy Settings tab. It is strongly suggested that you opt to receive emails from career services. The information we send out is relevant to recruiting and will provide you with the information that you need to have a successful recruiting experience.

Within the job or internship posting section of HireJayhawks.com, use the filters and keywords search box to narrow your search. Once you have filters that best represent what you are looking for, click "Create Job Alert" in the upper right corner. Click "Job Alerts ()" to adjust how ofen you receive email alerts with new postings based on your set parameters (daily, weekly, etc.). You may also trash alerts you no longer need in the "Job Alerts ()" section. You may create as many alerts as you would like.

To sign up for an on-campus interview with an employer recruiting through the Engineering Career Center or Business Career Services:

Click on the View My On-Campus Interviews tab in the left navigation menu and find the job title you were selected to interview for. You will see the Job Title and your invited status under the Requested Interviews tab. Click on the three dots under the “Invited” to select your interview time. The location of the interview is noted under the job title before you select your interview time. Your interview will now show up under the Scheduled Interviews tab.

To sign up for an on-campus interview with an employer recruiting through the University Career Center:

Employers interviewing at the University Career Center reserve interview rooms on the first floor of Summerfield Hall, in the University Career Center interview suites but create their own schedules. It will be indicated in the job postings on HireJayhawks that an employer is conducting on campus interviews. Please follow the employer’s instructions to apply. Employers will be contacting qualified candidates to sign them up for interviews. You will not be able to sign up for interviews held at the University Career Center through HireJayhawks.

To sign up for a mock interview through the school of business:

Mock interviews are set up as open schedules of on-campus interviewing. To sign up:

  1. Log into your HireJayhawks.com account.
  2. You have two options to search for mock interviews:
    1. Use the search box at the top of the home page to search by the employer name OR
    2. Click “Find Jobs & Internships” on the left hand side of the home page, then “All Job Postings,” then click on “Advanced Search” and search by position type “other” in the pop up box.
  3. Click on the job title of the mock interview—Mock interviews will usually have the position title of “Business Mock Interviews.”
  4. Once you’re in the posting, click on “Apply and Interview” at the top right.
  5. This will bring up a pop up box that will allow you to select the resume with which you wish to apply; once you’ve selected that, click “Submit.”
  6. Next you will get a list pop up box that says “Click here to schedule an interview for this position.”
  7. Click on this to view available time slots.
  8. Choose the time you want and click “Submit.” 

***If you do not select a time, you will be added to the wait-list only. If no time slots are available, it will say “There are no interview slots remaining for this day. Please choose another day if available.”—you will be on the wait list but check back often to see if a time slot opens up

To check the time/location of your mock interview, to see if a time slot has opened up, or to cancel a mock interview or take yourself off a wait-list:

  1. From the home page, click on “View my On-Campus Interviews”
  2. If you’ve scheduled an interview, it will be listed under “Scheduled Interviews” and will contain the date, time and location (check in for all business mock interviews in 1130 Cap Fed)
  3. If you are on a wait-list, it will be listed under “Requested Interviews.” If you want to view available time slots, click on the three vertical dots on the right hand side and select “Schedule”
  4. If you want to cancel mock interview, click on the three vertical dots on the right hand side and then select “Withdraw”

Update My Account: Update My Account maintains accurate information to help you receive more accurate notifications, emails, and suggested jobs and internships from the system related to your career goals.

The most important section to always keep updated in the Update My Account section. This will display 7 subtabs:

***Required fields are noted by a red asterisk.

Personal – Fill out your contact information (private from employers and other students).

Academic – Verify your graduation date, year in school, Major, GPA, and Citizenship. For work authorization, U.S. Citizens should select “Legally eligible to work” AND “U.S. Citizen.” Please also select your practice areas of interest and your geographic location preferences.

Privacy – Choose privacy settings that fit your needs. It is strongly suggested that you opt to receive emails from career services. The information we send out is relevant to recruiting and will provide you with the information that you need to have a successful recruiting experience.

Career Outcomes – Log jobs, internships, externships, etc. that you’ve had.

Password/Preferences – You should be able to log in with your KU ID and password. If not, please call your career services office.

Activity Summary – This keeps a log of all of your activities that you perform in your Symplicity account (e.g., applying to a job, creating a job search agent, etc.).

Notifications – Settings for alerts

Using HireJayhawks gives you frontline access to job and internship openings posted and intended for KU students. With your account, you will be able to customize your job search and view who is coming on-campus to interview. All workshops and other career events will be listed in HireJayhawks.

As a best practice, a cover letter should always accompany a resume. In the college recruiting process, the application review process may occur very quickly and employers may elect not to receive cover letters. However, a cover letter should always be submitted if a company requests one. Your application may not be considered if you do not submit all required materials. Review the Resumes, References and Cover Letters under Job Search Prep.  If there is not an option to submit a cover letter in HireJayhawks, it is because the company has elected not to receive them. In this case, it is not necessary to submit a cover letter. 

Under the View Events tab in the left navigation menu, click on Career Fairs and click on the name of the career fair you are interested in attending. From here you can click on See Who’s Coming. Click on the name of the employer to find out more about the company and their opportunities.

Your KU Enroll and Pay account from the Registrar is downloaded to match your HireJayhawks.com account every semester. It is your responsibility to keep your personal and academic information up to date within HireJayhawks.com. Please keep your contact information within your account current in the system so we can reach you if necessary. On occasion, an employer will need to cancel an interview, and we will need to contact you. We will not release your contact information to outside parties. ties.

You may withdraw your On-Campus Interview as long as it is before the resume deadline. Go to View My On-Campus Interviews in the left navigation menu, and under the Requested Interviews tab, you will see the positions  you have applied to. Under the Pending Status are three dots; click on them to withdraw your application. If you have been invited to interview and you choose to decline, you must follow your Career Center’s recruiting policy in order for your account to stay in good standing.

KU Career Services screens every job opening we receive and post; however, it is still possible that a well-disguised employment scam might not be detected. We review postings for any suspicious information, such as requests for personal bank information or an investment of money, or questionable email or web addresses. If job duties are unclear or there are multiple misspellings, we conduct further research before deciding whether to post a position. If you encounter a questionable job posting or employer, contact your career center to report the issue.